Patch Factory - Full-featured byte-level patching and version management system for efficient software updating. Patch Factory - Full-featured byte-level patching and version management system for efficient software updating.
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> PatchFactory 3.1 Final Release
  Posted: May 06, 2005 07:47 am
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Support Team

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AgenSoft announces the Final Release of PatchFactory v3.1 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003, patch and update building tool that is used for creating compact software, documents or just single files updates from old version(s) to the new one.

Key features of PatchFactory v3 :

Patch building:
- Comparing files with size up to 2^63 Bytes (~8589934592 Gb).
- Significantly increased the comparing speed.
- Significantly increased quality of file-comparing.
- Utilizing of the registry, INI files or a fixed path for smart file location.
- Cumulative patch building to integrate several updates into one patch package.
- Storage of difference building results in intermediate files helping significantly increase the speed of reiterated patch building.
- Flexible control under ratio "time/result" with the help of different comparing methods selection.

Patch applying module is based on the powerful Inno Setup engine which has the following features:
- Support for all 32-bit Windows versions in use today -- Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Me, and NT 4.0 SP6.
- Powerful integrated Pascal-based scripting engine providing lots of new possibilities to customize/enhance update Install or Uninstall functionality at run-time.
- Silent install and silent uninstall.
- Support for multilingual installs.
- Creation / changing of registry and .INI entries.
- Run an external command or executable before, during, or after the patch process
- Support for passworded and encrypted installs.
- Optional license information and release notes presented to your end-user.
- Apply Interface message management to customize messages presented to your end-user.

All features of patch module installation (except file update procedure) are implemented using standard Inno Setup resources.
Source codes of scripts used are available for free modification/enhancement.

Additional features of Patch applying:
- Smart automatic version check to determine the installed version.
- Ensure that no system is ever partially updated (automatic Rollback function during patch applying guarantees that end-user's system is successfully updated or not updated at all)
- Capability of automatic backup of modified and deleted file(s).
- Rollback / uninstall of the update after installation
- Delayed patching support for locked files
- Small size of base update modules (without patch data).
- Log errors at apply time
- Easy-to-use optimized interface that can be enhanced with the help of Inno resources

Direct download link:

Post bug-reports, questions or suggestions using Technical Support section at our Support Forums.
Please read the "Bug/error reports guidelines" carefully before posting.

Recent changes:

  • New graphics of the program interface.
  • "File Version" property added to Version File Editor and Version Differences Editor panels
  • "File Version" property added to Version File Editor and Version Differences Editor panels
  • Warnings are displayed if compared versions contain files with equal file version numbers or old file version number is greater than the new one:
    Warning #11: Version numbers of file '%s' in old %s and new %s versions are identical (%s).
    Warning #12: File '%s': file version number (%s) in the old version %s is greater than file version number (%s) in the new version %s.
  • Column "Modified" in file panels now indicates local last modified date of the file (was GMT)
  • Miscellaneous program interface bug fixes:
    dfbuild.exe: replacement of existing file was not performed
[ iss-script for patch applying module ]

  • Automatic save / restore of file owner, group, access control and audit information (for NTFS file system only) while performing the backup / rollback procedures.
  • New patch option "Save/restore file security data" - using this option you can turn this automatic save / restore ON or OFF.
  • New program main icon.
  • Added/Replaced files: files with equal versions are replaced on the end-user's machine.
  • Possible problems concerning changing of the access rights data while file updating (for NTFS file system only) are corrected.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards, AgenSoft.Com Support Team
AgenSoft.Com - Complete Software Update Solutions
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